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I’m in need of some Mac Mini advice.

I have to buy a new system, because my current imac is no longer upgradable (who knew that I have one of the graphic cards in my system that can’t spin snow leopard?) So I’m still working on leopard, meaning that I can’t update firefox, safari, flash, etcetera.

This also means I can’t sync my ipad and iphone with my mac, because I can’t update itunes beyond 10.6.3. My ipod is 5 years old, with 2 hours of battery left. I could buy a new nano, but it won’t be compatible with my itunes, and since it doesn’t have wifi, itunes match is not an option. I could use my iphone as mp3, but I’m one of those old fashioned people who doesn’t always want to carry a phone (I managed to survive my childhood without one, humanity has survived for thousands of years without a mobile connection, I don’t need it plastered to me 24/7).

I find 1300 to 1500 Euro a LOT of money for a computer system I only use for some internet browsing, itunes and sporadic use of photoshop. Plus, I’ll be only going back in size. I now have 24 inch mac and the lowest imac system has 21. And I’m NOT going back pc, ever!

The mac mini is half the prize of the full systems, plus I can buy a 24 inch HD Samsung screen (clash of the titans!!), a new drawing tablet and still be cheaper of.

But do I go for the duo core, or the quad core edition? My current mac is a duo core, with 2,8 GHz, and 4Gb of memory, and has always worked perfectly with Adobe CS4 (indesign, illustrator, photoshop and dreamweaver mainly).

Anyone some tips, advice, words of wisdom?

13 Apr: 6 days ago | 0

Watching would-be burglars scout out your neighbourhood, at one in the morning, is always so good for your sleep.

23 Mar: 3 weeks ago | 0

Not much happening on the drawing front. I’ve been working on this for… three months? Miserably failing at drawing a slim body. Gimme a little bit of fat, yo.

19 Mar: 1 month ago | 2

Spend a lovely ‘way too hot to be March’ afternoon in the sun, reading the Hawkeye collection book, while listening to ACDC. I’ve had worse afternoons.

12 Mar: 1 month ago | 0

I accidently cosplayed as Connor Kent today. Ironically during carnaval. And if you’re wondering what a dutch carnaval is, imagine brazillian carnaval, only without bikini’s, bedjazzled wagons, and replace them with basically a bunch of farmers getting drunk as a skunk.

3 Mar: 1 month ago | 0

Slow progress is slow. By the time I’m done with this, their wedding will be long over. But they’re gonna turn into a kick ass Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel.

2 Mar: 1 month ago | 1

Ordered my first American comics! On the way are Kelly Sue’s Ghost volume one, hard cover edition of Fraction’s Hawkeye, 272 pages, so I’m guessing that the entire series? And I pre-ordered Pretty Deadly volume one, which will arrive in may. That one will going with me to the south of France.

28 Feb: 1 month ago | 1

This is just… wow. I love ACDC, and I love classical instruments. If you’re not alone, turn down the volume. If not, full throttle.

22 Feb: 1 month ago | 2


'The site is supposed to be located on an Indian burial ground, and I believe they actually had to repel a few Indian attacks as they were building it.'

The Shining (1980)

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Gonna listen this on replay until the release of Guardians of the Galaxy. And Bummed I threw away my old Sony Walkman.

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