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Okay, so I’ve been working at EA Madrid these last 3 months on a temp base and now I’ve been hired to work at EA Galway, Ireland!!!

I’m trying to refrain from using the capslock, which I failed at on Fb.

3 Sep: 1 month ago | 1
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the netherlands


It feels weird being in another country when something this major happens, and you’re not back at home.


23 Jul: 3 months ago | 1

Shout out from Madrid! Been weird, and insane, and wow all in one. Adventures involving crazy landlords, sweet landladies, and I don’t care what Jack Sparrow says, there is such a thing as too much rum. (two large sips on an empty stomach while you never drink, it packs a punch)

2 Jul: 3 months ago | 0

I’ve been hired to test EA games in Dutch for at least 2 months, in Madrid. What the hell is going on, life?!

27 May: 4 months ago | 0

Fucking up a job interview with EA games doesn’t feel all too well.

30 Apr: 5 months ago | 0

Watching would-be burglars scout out your neighbourhood, at one in the morning, is always so good for your sleep.

23 Mar: 7 months ago | 0

Not much happening on the drawing front. I’ve been working on this for… three months? Miserably failing at drawing a slim body. Gimme a little bit of fat, yo.

19 Mar: 7 months ago | 2

Spend a lovely ‘way too hot to be March’ afternoon in the sun, reading the Hawkeye collection book, while listening to ACDC. I’ve had worse afternoons.

12 Mar: 7 months ago | 0

I accidently cosplayed as Connor Kent today. Ironically during carnaval. And if you’re wondering what a dutch carnaval is, imagine brazillian carnaval, only without bikini’s, bedjazzled wagons, and replace them with basically a bunch of farmers getting drunk as a skunk.

3 Mar: 7 months ago | 0

Slow progress is slow. By the time I’m done with this, their wedding will be long over. But they’re gonna turn into a kick ass Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel.

2 Mar: 7 months ago | 1